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Winning Conversations
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Rohan Constable, Head of Customer Intelligence and Quality at Everything Everywhere talks about their Target Customer Experience.

Amazing and Industry Leading
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Nothing like a happy customer. Click here to see what Adrian Morley of Co-op Bank thinks about our latest dashboards….

Implementing a CX Programme
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David Howard looks at the critical success factors and how you integrate all the key elements required to deliver a successful CX Programme.

Driving improvement in customer experience…

Customer Experience Management (CEM) presents one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations today. It plays an increasingly important role in your ability to deliver competitive advantage and generate income and revenue, whilst at the same time reducing operational costs.  Yet gaining a clear understanding of the drivers of customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiency is not always easy.

InsightNow Ltd is a customer insight consultancy with many years’ experience of helping leading organisations establish and deliver their target customer experience strategies and management programmes. What we deliver provides you with actionable and real-time customer insight and a deep understanding of the characteristics of your operation and how they impact on your customers.

Intelligent insight

Using state of the art technology, our Voice of the Customer methodology can provide real time, multi-channel, end to end customer experience surveys and measurement.  Similarly our Voice of the Operation tells you how well your operation is set up to deliver a great customer experience. This combined with our deep knowledge, expertise and unique statistical analysis enables us to work with you to use this insight to rapidly and measurably transform your customer experience and business performance.