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About us


We founded InsightNow in 2007 with the purpose of collecting the voices of  customer and employees and using this insight to develop easy customer journeys for our customer’s customers.

As digital channels develop both the amount of feedback available and the richness has increased. Whilst our purpose remains the same our emphasis has moved from gathering structured feedback to a much greater reliance on understanding what customers are saying and feeling in their free text comments. We are able to unpack and classify comments into actionable themes with  associated positive and negative sentiments to create a much more accessible and engaging means of understanding customer feedback that connects and resonates through all parts of of our clients organisation.

This enables us to  provide  direct line of sight between strategic intent and the actual customer experience and identify opportunities for real-time service recovery through to  elimination of glitches and their root causes that prevent the intentional experiences being delivered.

In a nutshell what makes us distinctive is our ability to combine customer feedback with operational, financial and customer data and use this information to help our clients understand what good looks like from a customer perspective and what levers they can pull to achieve their target business outcomes.