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Best Practice Development

Best practice development is all about harnessing the capabilities and knowledge of your staff and creating an environment where they are willing to give more without being pressured to do so.

Our approach enables the “voices of the operation” to be heard and their input used to create tangible business results through greater awareness, participation, awareness, increased performance and engagement.

External Benchmarking and Research

We provide a range of industry specific benchmark services to allow robust comparisons of your performance with your peers.

Our current benchmarking services are delivered in collaboration with Grant Thornton for Financial Services and Dimension Data for Contact Centres and include:

  • Complaint handling.
  • General insurance.
  • Investment management platforms.
  • Life and pensions.
  • Contact centres.

Our current research is focused on the relationships between customer experience and loyalty and the drivers and impact of digital engagement.

We also offer “Benchmarking in a Box” services that allows rapid collection of data for client specific areas of interest both within and outside of financial services.

Front line staff performance

The exam question is “what do top performing front line staff do to create great and efficient customer interactions?”

We identify these competencies and behaviours in a way that is easy to understand, develop and embed in the wider workforce. The other side of the coin is about raising awareness amongst staff who are underperforming and motivating them to raise the bar by helping them develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to change. Because the learnings are specific to the organisation staff are much more likely to relate, engage and adopt best practices.

Knowing what drives excellence is enlightening and motivational for employees, great for customers and ultimately increases profitability and the overall brand value.

CX Maturity Model Assessment

Knowing the extent of your customer experience maturity, capabilities and the barriers ahead will enable you to move forward with confidence.

Our approach is based on identifying the capabilities and maturity across eight key areas of customer experience:

  1. Strategy
  2. Leadership
  3. Governance
  4. Culture
  5. Customer focus
  6. Measurement
  7. Insight
  8. Operations management

We seek feedback from points within the organisation and with partners to identify areas where there are perception or capability gaps so that you can build alignment and develop a credible roadmap for developing your customer experience capabilities.

Employee Feedback

Front line staff are often overlooked and the “voices of the operation” don’t get heard.

This is crazy as no one knows more about the issues that cause customer dissatisfaction and often how they can be fixed. Our solution allows you to “crowd source” ideas from all parts of your organisation and partner relationships and use this valuable source of insight to fix problems real quick.

We provide a virtual share room where topics and solutions can be “liked” and implementation priorities agreed – all of this is achieved by releasing the ideas and energy of the front line staff and eliminating the communication barriers up and down the organisation hierarchy.

The benefits from harnessing the collective intelligence of your organisation is that it’s free, valuable and generates tangible results.  Plus your staff will love it!

Employee Engagement

You can’t deliver greater customer experiences without engaged employees who totally buy-in to the organisations strategy, culture, products and services.

They are both rationally and emotionally committed and give more to the organisation because they understand the purpose of the organisation and value and importance of their individual contribution.

Our approach identifies the key levers of engagement around four main themes:

  1. The strength and attraction of the strategic narrative.
  2. Mangers as leaders and coaches.
  3. The employee voice and ability to shape the organisation.
  4. Culture, integrity and values.

We identify the specific levers of engagement and use our driver modelling capabilities to identify and prioritise the most important and show the links between engagement, performance, customer experience and the bottom-line. Employee are more fulfilled, stay longer and give more.