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Customer Experience Measurement

Knowing what your customers say and feel about your goods, sales and support services across all your preferred channels is the bedrock of customer experience optimisation.

Our approach enables customer experiences to be collected and linked across complete customer journeys, stating with Internet searches and culminating in channel switching (forced and unforced) to the call centre and face-to-face. We enrich the customer feedback with a wide range of other data sources to establish the context of the feedback and minimising the effort on customers completing surveys.

Survey 360

Survey 360 covers the complete survey lifecycle from survey design, through data collection and analysis.

We support all channels including web, mobile, contact centre and face-to-face. Surveys can be as simple as one question or incorporate complex decision logic to filter questions by a previous response.

Text Analytics

We analyse and categorise customer free-text feedback across a range of touch points so that you are able to:

  • Connect the voices of your customers at all levels of your organisation with a much richer context.
  • Get underneath the scores and really understand the what and the why that drives your customer experiences.
  • Detect trends, issues and opportunities to enable you to react in near real-time.
  • Identify the root causes of issues and incorporate customer suggestions for improvements.

Insight Hub

Our Insight Hub captures feedback from Social feeds, structured surveys and via a range of APIs to telephony, IVR and CRM and web analytics systems. 

Being able to enrich customer feedback with a wider view of customer knowledge, behaviour, contact history from CRM applications and digital interactions allows a much richer context in which to interpret the transactional experiences.


Alerts can be triggered in real-time from a combination of scores or free text customer comments in real-time.

They are incorporated into the dashboards and can be used to trigger SMS or e-mail messages to support real time service recovery.


There are a range of easy to use and intuitive graphical dashboards that are tailored to specific roles within your organisation.

Navigation is point and click and touch allowing simple drilldowns and filtering of data without the need for training or specialist knowledge. The dashboards can be extended to incorporate data from any source and displayed on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and large panel displays.