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Customer Experience Optimisation

Knowing – with precision – the things you can control that impact customer experience, sales and cost to serve is the foundation of a customer experience optimisation programme. Our approach identifies the what, how and why.

We are committed to helping our clients adopt a real-time service recovery reflex throughout their organisation by providing identifying customers who are experiencing difficulties and providing the information support proactive recovery at the precise pain points.

Self-Serve Optimisation

Our contact optimisation tools and techniques provides a robust and detailed assessment of which digital journeys end in the contact centre and why.

We quantify the call reduction opportunities and the actions required to increase customer engagement with digital channels through awareness and improvements to overall usability, information clarity and functionality.

Knowing the precise causes of forced channel switching, the financial and customer experience impact and how to avoid unwanted calls provides a firm foundation to create a more integrated contact experience across all channels.

Winning Conversation Framework

The Winning Conversation Framework has been developed to optimise the call handling efficiency, maximise the quality of the customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and improve customer loyalty and advocacy. 

The overall Framework consists of key elements that are fine-tuned to reflect the contact centres purpose, such as an energetic hello, an understanding of the customer’s needs, a promise to help, confirmation of resolution and a memorable goodbye. The framework is not a script but rather a structure to enable agents to understand the customers’ needs and create appropriate rapport and understanding to ensure a more personalised experience is delivered and future calls are avoided by a combination of anticipating  further questions or raising awareness of the of self-serve applications where they exist.

Sentiment Analysis

The essence of customer feedback is to understand what customers say via structured surveys and what they feel by the analysis of free text comments and social feeds.

We can automate high volume sentiment analysis and this give us a unique proposition which can accurately convert free text comments and codify into topics with the associated sentiment. What makes our approach unique is the manual calibration we undertake to ensure sentiment can be drilled down to identify root cause issues and enable real-time service recovery.

Real Time Service Recovery

We help our clients decrease their effort on handling complaints by providing real-time information to help customers in the moment they are experiencing problems.

Our solution continuously monitors customer feedback and sentiment across all channels including social, and identifies trending emerging issues affecting customers. Real-time alerts are created and distributed by a workflow application to dashboard, e-mail or SMS applications.

Nothing builds positive word of mouth, loyalty and brand advocacy than proactive support for customers who need it.  Our solution enables clients to focus on the “now” and to fix problems in flight before they become full-blown complaints.

Root Cause Analysis

Customer feedback is a rich source of “free” information such as improvement suggestions or pointing out specific breakdowns in the customer journey.

Our solution captures and condenses this rich source of information and presents it via a range of perspectives to enable targeted actions by the appropriate business owners:

  • CX strategy (gaps between intent and the delivered experience).
  • Brand perceptions.
  • Proposition and product perceptions.
  • Competitor perceptions.
  • Channel alignment and effectiveness.
  • Contact centre sales and service effectiveness.
  • Emerging and in-flight complaints.
  • Regulatory compliance.

Our solution presents distilled and actionable customer feedback that can be viewed by a variety of “perspective lens” turning free information that is often unrecognised, into a bedrock of a continuous and targeted improvement programme.

Driver Analysis

Knowing what drives positive and negative customer experience and how that relates to the ultimate goal of encouraging your customers to stay longer, spend more and recruit other customers by saying good things about your brand is the starting point for any improvement programme.

Our driver analysis will identify the levers that you can directly control and their relative impact on customer experience. We also define the external levers that influence customer perceptions such as competitor actions and the wider economic factors. Once you know the strength and priorities of the levers you can pull, the impact on customer experience can be predicted. This takes the chance out of a NPS or Customer Effort, by knowing what, why and when.