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Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy will help you retain more customers and win new ones by creating differentiated customer experiences that speak to your brand values and are easy and rewarding for your customers.

We help organisations formulate their customer experience strategy and design and deliver the transformation programme and provide a range of dashboards to track progress and benefits. We enable the customer voices to form part of the governance process so that organisations can use their feedback as custodians for change on their behalf.

Customer Experience Value

One of the most common reasons that Customer Experience Programmes under-deliver or fail is because the financial benefits are not solid and explicitly linked to initiatives and actions that will deliver the benefits.

We help organisations overcome this challenge by following these two steps:

STEP 1 is to establish the relationship between customer experience and loyalty and how that impacts sales, operational costs and positive word of mouth, CX can then become an integrated KPI alongside the established financial and performance measures.

STEP 2 is to identify a CX targets and improvement roadmap and which links the enabling initiatives required to “move the dials” and what benefits are expected.  This provides a credible baseline  to keep the benefits realisation “honest and accurate”

Knowing the value of CX and having a baselined benefits realisation plan allows clear ownership and delivery accountabilities to be established, eliminates “double counting” and provides a firm foundation for ongoing programme governance and control.

Customer Experience DNA and Reflexes

Great and sustainable customer experience are one that flow and connect with the brand promise and values that your customers value.

These “authentic” experiences are earthed in the real soul of the brand and there are no conflicts between cost to serve and customer value.  This is the ultimate stage in customer experience maturity and we help organisations develop the awareness, competencies and behaviours to embed authentic customer experiences into their DNA and reflexes. Our framework is centred on establishing and aligning the organisations “purpose” from four key perspectives:

  1. Executives.
  2. Customers.
  3. Front-line employees.
  4. Management.

The “Purpose Statement” is simple and tangible way to integrate customer experience with employee experience, the brand and business objectives. It removes silo thinking and apparent conflicts between cost to serve and customer experience. It forms the “beacon” that underpins the values, competencies and behaviours that enable customer experience to be delivered as a reflex – consistent positive outcomes with minimal controls.

Omichannel Experience

The need to provide a “Digital First” capability across a range of mobile, laptops and desktop devices is not for debate, for many organisations the issue is how to play catch-up in a world where customer take-up and expectations is surging ahead of organisations ability to react.

We help organisations break out of the narrow constraints of channel based customer experience to a journey based view where digital and contact centre form part of an aligned experience. We identify the current pain points in the digital experiences that force customers to swap channels and quantify the failure costs, the impact on customer experience and opportunities to take the first steps towards building a cohesive Omichannel experience where the contact centre is a natural extension of the digital journey for those customers who chose to seek advice, reassurance and support from a call.

Transformation Plan

The objective of the transformation plan is to create an environment where your brand values and the voices of your customers and employees are amplified and embedded into everything you do.

The plan is centred on a compelling vision of customer centricity and how that will create lasting value for your organisation, employees and customers. There is a clear roadmap showing the size of the benefits, how they will be delivered and the dependencies between initiatives.

We help organisations design and implement the overall programme and quantify the benefits and set realistic targets associated with each major delivery milestone. In this way the benefit realisation is more certain and governance is more effective. We also provide an external view of how the programme is tracking against the goals identifying areas that are at risk and opportunities for interventions to accelerate the overall programme delivery.

Voice of the customer pulse

Our dashboards brings the voices of your customers to life with iPhone simplicity that allows you to understand your customer’s issues, fix them and prevent future reoccurrence.

We have developed a Customer Sentiment Index as a strategic KPI to track the emotional customer experience and understand how your customers are feeling relates to their perceptions about your brand, products, services and channels.

Our objective was to create a solution where organisations have the distilled voices of their customers to enable them to act as “custodians” using their feedback to ensure problems are removed and the target customer experience is being delivered.