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Insight Partnerships

We help our clients to get the maximum value from customer feedback by supporting existing insight teams or by providing a range of outsourced insight and assurance services. 

You can get started easily by providing us with a month’s worth of responses and we will run our analytics suite to identify what your customers are saying and why across a range of themes from regulatory compliance through to product, sales and service issues. We provide an independent perspective to calibrate your internal customer feedback insights and give you the confidence that nothing has been missed and your organisation is equipped with customer focussed reflexes.

Measurement to Insight

If you have a  customer feedback solution in place but are unsure if you are squeezing the maximum value from the data then give us a sample of your data and we will run an independent assessment, using our text analytics engine and driver analysis techniques to identify:

  • If you are asking the right questions in the right way to identify the key drivers of the customer experience.
  • What your customers really feel by analysing the verbatim comments and identify the “wows and glitches” that impact your customer experience.
  • Why your NPS or Effort scores have blipped.
  • Gaps between your strategic customer experience intent and operational reality.
  • Opportunities to eliminate forced channel switching and the impact on cost to serve and customer experience.

This is an easy way to gain reassurance that your existing programme is on the right track and identify opportunities for refinement. Our approach is simple, just give us a month’s worth of your data and we will bring the voices of your customers to life and presenting what they say and feel and why with a compelling and insightful narrative.

Regular Independent Reviews

We offer independent reviews to help keep your customer experience programmes on track by:

  • Identifying and monitoring trending themes.
  • Fine-tuning the driver models to predict with greater accuracy the impact of ongoing initiatives on the customer experience measure.
  • Reviewing the actual changes in the customer experience Vs those predicted.
  • Refining the initiatives.

Our support and challenge approach is designed to provide independent assurance and expertise to help you “move the dials” with confidence.

Regulatory Assurance

Measuring customer experience incorporating the results in a monthly board pack doesn’t necessarily mean that the voices of your customers are embedded and resonating throughout the “DNA” your business.

Our approach offers an alternative to “Tickbox” compliance by using customer comments to provide full coverage to evidence genuine adoption of a customer focussed organisation:

  • Strategy.
  • Leadership and management.
  • Culture.
  • Business controls.
  • Learning and prevention.

Our real-time executive dashboard brings the voices of your customers into every part of your organisation from board room to reception with iPhone simplicity. This is an invaluable tool in both demonstrating regulatory compliance and ensuring that the voices of your customers are heard and actioned to ensure you are delivering fair customer outcomes. Our dashboards provide board members and non-executives direct line of sight to the voices of your customers in real-time and in a completely transparent way. This independent perspective removes the risk of “managing the message” and provides genuine assurance that customers are being treated fairly.

Customer Driven Quality

Knowing what makes a great customer experience across your digital and self-serve channels forms the basis of the controls required to ensure the delivered experience is aligned to your customers’ expectations.

We can identify these attributes to design optimised customer journeys that are underpinned by the right metrics and controls to drive continues improvement.

Our Winning Conversation Framework for contact centre interactions is a much simpler and robust approach to identify what good sounds and feels like and ensuring that  the underlying quality and performance management regimes are aligned and fine-tuned around the customer values.  This overcomes the problem that blights tradition call quality monitoring where irrelevant aspects of a call are measured, in microscopic and tedious detail, which lead to scores that are completely unrelated to what customers consider important and good. Our outside in approach ensures that controls are linked to customer values and you measure what matters.