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Why we are different

We aren’t a survey company. Our heritage is in the collection of customer feedback but our focus today is on analytics and using  insight to build consensus and drive change.

We like our clients to see us as an extension of their in-house teams and we build credibility through being responsive, attention to detail and our ability to present the voices of customers and employees in a context that brings them to life in a compelling  and engaging way.

We strive to bring our deep expertise in customer experience design and implementation to develop points of view and recommendations that are substantiated by the underlying  data and rigorous analysis. Our duty of care for our clients means we won’t shrink from delivering hard messages and we create storyboards that work backwards from the customer outcomes to identify the key levers for change and what impact we expect them to have. When engaging with our clients one of the first things we ask is permission to act as customer and employee advocates and to identify issues on their behalf. We won’t massage or dilute messages but we will produce compelling recommendations  that are designed to engage and be acted upon at all levels within our clients organisations.

We will support and challenge our clients with the sole objective of helping them deliver their strategic intent through easy and cost effective customer experiences across all channels.